Welcome to Roskilde Gymnasium

Roskilde Gymnasium is a modern upper secondary school with around 1000 students and 100 teachers and a wide variety of study programs. The students are aged between 15 and 20, and come from the city of Roskilde and the surrounding area. Roskilde Gymnasium offers a three-year education program aimed at preparing students as well as possible for higher education. At the end of the program there is a final examination which qualifies the student for more advanced studies.

Our wide study program covers the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, modern languages, media, music and sports.  Our international profile is currently on the increase. We play host to exchange students who follow classes at the school; we also run exchange
programs for whole classes of students in collaboration with schools in Spain,
France, North Carolina (USA), Germany and China.


Roskilde Gymnasium

The school offers attractive facilities, a large cafeteria, very good sports
facilities, study areas with library staff support, a large cinema and a smaller
one, and a varied selection of after-school activities.  Our goal is to have the
students use the school as a study camp for homework and written assignments. 
Thus, we offer them the support of teachers for guidance after school.  ICT is
used as an important learning platform, and our classrooms are all equipped with
projectors and giant screens or Smartboards, as well as Wi-Fi.
Roskilde Gymnasium is situated 32 km west of Copenhagen in the center of
the city of Roskilde, next to the famous Roskilde Cathedral.  Roskilde is known
for its cosy atmosphere, for its cathedral - the most important in Denmark where
all of our kings and queens are buried - and its beautiful natural surroundings,
with its fjords and woods. 
Graduating students 2010Graduating students 2010 - kantinen
The Graduating Students 2010
Our Values
We have three main values at Roskilde Gymnasium: learning, community spirit
and diversity.  Our main task is to offer top-quality teaching which will fit
the students for further studies and for life in general.  However, this does
not work without solidarity.  For a student, attendance at school and in a class
brings with it both rights and obligations.  We try to find a balance between
the groups and societies which students can join and each individual's personal
project.  At Roskilde Gymnasium we believe that the students should have a say
on what happens in their school and it is therefore our policy to involve them
in the democratic process of decision making.  The school offers many different
opportunities for taking part in extracurricular activities, including all kinds
of music, art and sports. 



Contact Information:

Roskilde Gymnasium
DK- 4000 Roskilde

Office hours: Monday-Tuesday 8.00 - 15.30 and Friday 8.00 - 15.00

Phone: +45 46 35 34 44
E-mail: mail@roskilde-gym.dk

Homepage: www.roskilde-gym.dk





Henrik Nevers

E-mail: rghn@roskilde-gym.dk


MB Mette Bering   

International Coordinator

Mette Bering

E-mail: rgmb@roskilde-gym.dk


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